Malaysia migration to cost a worker only Tk 40,000

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Malaysia migration to cost a worker only Tk 40,000

Bangladeshis can go to Malaysia for work with a migration cost of Tk 30,000 to Tk 40,000 under government-to-government arrangements, Overseas Employment Minister Khandkar Mosharraf Hossain said on Thursday.

Both governments agreed to get Bangladeshis in the Malaysian labour market under a government-to-government deal to take middlemen out of the migration process, said visiting Malaysian Human Resources Minister S Subramanium at a joint press briefing.

The Malaysian minister came to Dhaka on Sept 12 and held a two-day bilateral negotiation with his counterpart to start migration process after a pause of five years.

Mosharraf said the migration cost would not exceed three months' salary of a worker.

The governments would sign a memorandum of understanding within one and a half months to resume the process, the minister said.

"We want to send workers under G-to-G considering previous experience as it took Tk 0.2 million to Tk 0.4 million to find a work there," he said.

Over 0.25 million Bangladeshis became illegal migrants due to high migration cost but the good news is the Malaysian government took the initiative to legalise them, he added.

The new workers can stay there for five years with an extension option of another five years, he said adding, "Bangladesh will provide orientation course to the workers."

"A team of Joint Drafting Committee will visit Malaysia within one or two weeks to finalise the MoU."

Mosharraf said the employers would bear one-way ticket for workers to return to Bangladesh and also provide tickets to go to Malaysia but they would deduct the amount from their salary in instalmments.

Subramanium said recruitment from Bangladesh stopped for five years but his government now considers Bangladesh as a source of recruiting people.

When asked how many people would be recruited, he said, "Market force will determine that."

"We need workers in plantation and manufacturing sectors," he added.

About half a million Bangladeshis are now residing in Malaysia