Bangladesh Postal Service to deliver Alibaba and Amazon products in the country

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Bangladesh Postal Service to deliver Alibaba and Amazon products in the country

The Bangladesh postal department is going to collaborate with the world’s leading e-commerce business entities -- and -- to deliver their products across the country.

A pilot project will start within a short time, Tarana Halim, state minister for Post and Telecommunications, said after a meeting with the officials of the postal department at her office today.

“We want to establish local and international partnerships which will help to increase postal department’s revenue and give self-dependence to the department,” said Tarana.

Susanta Kumar Mandal, director general of the postal department, said that they will start piloting with and from the first week of March and in April will sign the final agreement if found the prospective result from the market.

The postal department is planning to delivery Alibaba or Amazon’s products, said top postal department officials.

In November last year, they launched e-commerce services in twenty post offices in the capital, as the first step of launching the services under any government entity, they said.

Through this initiative, online traders will be able to deliver their products to customers, they said adding that the postal department has already delivered a huge number of products in the city area.

The Postal department has to use its full potential for e-commerce and finally they have the plan to run a full e-commerce platform, said Tarana.

“Using the postal services, we can bring remotest people under the modern trading system,” said Tarana.

Through this service, post offices can increase their revenue and at the same time people will get modern service, she added.

In the last fiscal, the department earned Tk 294.05 crore revenue with 16.52 percent growth and in last six months, it earned Tk 129 crore.