United Hospital Dhaka, Bangladesh

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United Hospital Dhaka, Bangladesh


Healthcare service in Bangladesh for a burgeoning population of 160 million is inadequate and until recently a significant number of people had to travel overseas for treatment resulting in high costs and dislocation for the affected families and foreign currency loss for the country. United group took the challenge and set up a referral hospital in the country to provide international standard treatment facilities in an evolving and nascent private sector industry.

United Hospital was conceived by a group of prominent doctors in mid 80s under the name of Continental Hospital. Although some progress in the construction was made by early 90s the  dream of the initiators remained unfulfilled till 2004 when United Group stepped in and took the responsibility of completing the project that had been waiting to see daylight for 16 years.

on 24 August 2006. United Hospital was inaugurated as a multidisciplinary 450 bed capacity, spread over a total area of about 450,000 sft, healthcare service provider for millions of people of Bangladesh. Since its opening and most of 2007 was devoted to building up each department slowly and gradually. The year 2008 was the first full year of operation of United Hospital, in real sense. In 2009 we can reasonably say that we have been able to include most of the services & department that a multi-disciplinary hospital should have.

The departments currently functioning in the hospital including Cardiology, Cardiac Surgery,  Gynaecology & Obstetrics, Orthopaedic, Neonatology & Paediatrics, Internal Medicine, Gasteroentology, Nephrology, General Surgery, Neuromedicine, Neuro-surgery, Nuclear Medicine, ENT, Dermatology, Psychiatry, Oncology, Ophthalmology to name a few. United Hospital launched comprehensive cancer care centre first time in Bangladesh with state-of-the-art equipments, technology and a team of experienced dedicated doctors & experts. United Hospital introduced PET-CT Scan, Medical Cyclotron and Linear Accelerator with IGRT,IMRT, Respiratory Gating & Rapid ARC technology first time in Bangladesh. Besides , united Hospital introduced SPECT/CT first time in private sector.We also have one of the country’s most modern Radiology & Imaging and Laboratory facilities. To ensure that the clinical departments can function and provide uninterrupted and smooth service to patients the hospital has its own facilities for power generation, water treatment, kitchen, laundry and secured underground parking for over 350 vehicles.


We are committed to (i) Quality, (ii) Effectiveness, (iii) Integration, (iv) Caring for the Community, (v) Caring for our staff and (vi) Research & Training. Our number one priority is to provide our patients with high quality healthcare in a friendly and compassionate environment. Some of the major equipments installed and services/facilities available in the hospital to provide patients with “better than the best” service are :  

a) Flat Panel Digital Cathlab n) 24 hour ambulance Service
b) Modular Operation Theatres o) 24 hour Angioplasty for Heart attack patients
c) Critical Care (ICU/CCU/HDU/CICU/KTICU/NICU/PICU) beds   p) Cardiac Surgeries
d) Fresenius 4008S Dialysis Units q) Total Knee and Hip Replacement and Arthroscopy Surgeries
e) Multifiltrate CRRT for critically ill patients r) Kidney Transplant
f) PET-CT Scan s) Critical Brain & Spinal Surgeries
g) Medical Cyclotron t) Endoscopy Facility
h) Linear Accelerator u) Digital Mammography
i) Spect-CT v) Mobile X-Rays
j) 500 Slice CT Scanner w) EEG and EMG Machines
k) High Definition MRI System 1.5 T x) Central Sterilisation supply Facilities (CSSD)
l) 24 hour Emergency Service y) CCTV facility for the whole hospital
m) 4D Portable Ultrasound z) Blood Bank


United Hospital has set up a specially designed state-of-art Integrated Hospital Information System to record and monitor all activities and to store patient information in digital format for ease of access and long time storage.

A major milestone in 2009 has been the permission from the Ministry of Health to start post graduate studies comprising MD in Cardiology and MS in Cardiac Surgery.

Besides , United Hospital got the permission to start Nursing College for giving degree in B.Sc in Nursing in 2011

Website: http://uhlbd.com/